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From the Construction Drawing to the Moulded Rubber Part


A drawing from the customer is the starting point of our work. It is our job to transform these plans one-to-one into a moulded rubber part or rubber connector.

Choice of Material

The functionality, durability and resistant qualities of a moulded rubber part depend largely on the material used. We select the elastomers for you with the right characteristics and advise you throughout the selection process.


Once we have defined the goal together, you will receive an offer from us including the mould costs and series prices.

Mould Design

To realise the highest precision we have been working with two mould manufacturers for 40 years, who specialise in vulcanisation moulds.


Before your products go into series production you will receive a prototype from us for inspection. Production only begins when you are completely satisfied.


The raw rubber compound is vulcanised and moulded simultaneously in the pressure or injection moulding process. This produces permanently elastic, resistant moulded rubber parts.

Deburr and Clean

We deburr each part individually with grinding machines developed especially for us. We also offer nitrogen removal. Each piece is cleaned and then checked before delivery.

Quality Management

In accordance with our QM handbook, our staff check every moulded part after each process and document the result. Faulty parts are immediately rejected. Gummi-Pfütze works with quality management precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. Our employees implement these guidelines every day.

Mould Storage

If you wish we store your moulds for you: so we can access them quickly when needed.

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